Biology Revision

Revise Your Biology Knowledge

You may be studying biology hard, but, how to assure that you remember all the essential facts? There are many ways for you to do this. You have to revise what you have learned.  These upcoming sets of posts called ‘Revise Your Biology Knowledge’ will help you to do that.

This series aims to cover up every unit in the Advanced Level biology syllabus under following major topics.

  1. Introduction to Biology
  2. Chemical & cellular basis of life
  3. Evolution and diversity of organisms
  4. Plant form and function
  5. Animal form and function
  6. Genetics
  7. Molecular Biology & Recombinant DNA Technology
  8. Environmental Biology
  9. Microbiology

Under each of these topics there are specific subtopics and we hope to update the series as one lesson for each subtopic per week. These lessons will include the following content.

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Structure Essay Questions
  • Essay Questions
  • Answers (for every question)
  • Explanations and Clarifications (where necessary)

At the same time we will actively engage with your comments to clarify your doubts.

Just do these questions by mind and revise your knowledge. If you have forgotten something, then go back to your notes, read the respective part and answer the questions again. This will help you to register the facts in your brain.

We hope to make this series more interactive with you. We hope you will gather something from these materials and succeed in your biology exam paper.

Comment us and share your ideas with us.

Launched content is given below.

  1. Biology Revision – Introduction to Biology
  2. Biology Revision – Chemical and Cellular Basis of Life (1)
  3. Biology Revision – Chemical And Cellular Basis of Life (2)



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